I'm Aimée an 19 year old girl living in a small suburb on the south coast of NSW, Australia. I'm surrounded by rolling green hills and beautiful cows and horses, with only a 15 minute drive to the beach. Where I live isn't exactly costal or country but it is scenic and inspiring. I live in a townhouse with my mum and my beautiful dogs Olivia & Indie.

The Meaning
Je t'Aimée was adapted from the french phrase je t'aime which translates to 'I love you'. I adapted it so it would be my name, I chose this french phrase because I love the french language and everything french (especially the desserts).

Why I Blog
What encouraged me to start blogging was the fact that I was so ill I could barely leave the house (except for doctors appointments). It gave me something to do besides watching tv or youtube videos. The more I blogged the more I loved it, the main thing that made me love blogging was sharing my thoughts on The Walking Dead. In the last year my love for blogging has grown 3x more then when it started.

About me
I'm an 18 year old Australian girl with a passion for DIY, who deals with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain syndrome, degenerative disc disease, and anxiety disorder (I know its a mouth full). I believe these are part of what makes me, me. I don't believe they define me, I do believe that my "disabilities" are why I am a strong and determined person who tries to live my life with positivity and full of creativity. 
My Family
I live in a townhouse with my mum & our two dogs. My mum is a nurse of 35 years, she has a huge passion for her job and loves helping people. I have a 4 year old mutt named Olivia and a cavoodle named Indie.

My Interests
My interests include reading, writing, watching television shows & movies, diy, art, photography, fashion, human rights issues, animal rights issues, disability issues, domestic violence issues & child abuse issues.

My Inspiration
My biggest inspiration is my mum, she is the strongest, most kind hearted and supportive person I have ever met. I honestly believe that she is the best mother in the world and she's the best friend I could ever ask for. She is the person who gave me my love for DIY and creating and I could never repay her for that.

My biggest goal that I hope will come from Je t'Aimee is I would like to start an Etsy business with my mum and to be able to work at home. 
Fun facts
I was born in Brisbane, QLD.
I grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney.
I'm a city born country girl.
This isn't my first blog.
I have my Certificate III in community services.

Now that you've learnt a little more about me, let me know something about yourself, I would love to get to know you.

- Aimée
Fine print
All photos with Je t'Aimee written on them are mine, please do not use them without permission and if you do use them do not crop out the logo. Please don't copy any of my posts, you may share them but you must link my blog. Thank you for respecting my rules on this subject. All original content is copyrighted.
If photos don't have the Je t'Aimee logo they are either from Tumblr or Google.


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